Metals Class

Fundamentals of  Jewelry Making and Metalsmithing

A beginners, no experience necessary, metals class with Robyn Nichols in February

  • You will learn the basic steps and the basic tools used to create finished Valentine's Day pieces using metal sheets and copper wire. This is called fabrication. Or you can dive right into using silver if you prefer. 

  • We will discuss patterns for your design or standard shapes and how to visualize it in paper in order to see what happens when curved, bent, swirled, or hammered and discuss metal thicknesses and why. 

  • You will learn to cut out your design from a flat sheet of metal using a jewelers saw frame and saw blade.

  • We will cover sawing practices, drilling basics and piercing, filing, texturing, stamping, hammering and forming for dimension. As well as different ways of assembling, (stitch, wrap, fold and rivet) to make your designs wearable. 

Saturday, February 1st and Sunday, February 2nd 
11:00 am - 4:00 pm

(We will break for a half hour lunch each day. You will need to bring your own lunch but coffee and water will be provided.)   

$300  + $25 (materials fee)
A deposit of $150, payable via Paypal (below), is due by Monday, January 27th to hold your place in class
Space is limited to only six students, so sign up soon.

I guarantee that you will walk away with something special, and you will learn in an intimate, enjoyable atmosphere. I want this to be a fun learning experience for all and I look forward to working with each of you.

Please email me with any questions that may arise at: