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Fig Leaf earrings

Robyn Nichols

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Figs are the fruit of my Greek heritage.

My aunt would push her contained fig tree from garden to sunroom from season-to-season. I would watch eagerly as the fruit formed into ripeness. There would be only a few weeks we’d get to eat the perfectly formed figs. Other figs would be cut crosswise and laid in the sun to dry for making Sykomeda—a cake of figs, grated oranges, ouzo, chopped nuts and spices wrapped in walnut or chestnut leaves and tied securely with string. When the bowl of fresh figs came to the table, it was tradition that three fig leaves from the tree would be plucked for good luck and tucked in amongst the fruit. Most of those leaves were placed between pages of books. Over the years glancing through my treasured art books, some of these leaves have escaped between the pages and into my lap. The leaves are sentimental memories and tokens of those days.

Materials: Argentium sterling silver

Dimensions (all sizes approximate):
2 in. (length) x 1 in. (width)

Please allow 7-10 business days for production as each piece is handmade to order.

All works of Art are signed, documented and copyrighted.