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Locust Pod necklace (pendant)

Robyn Nichols

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When I settled in the Midwest, my grandmother taught me about the spirit guides within the different trees on our acreage.

The Black Locust trees were called the Guards. Three Guards stood very close together, and I felt protected between their deep furrowed trunks as if being held against strong torsos. Their spirit taught me to evaluate my actions without judgment and take responsibility for them, without blaming others.

In the spring their edible cascading clusters of flowers permeated the pastures with a fragrance that was wonderfully overwhelming. The flowers produce long flat green pods that sway in the summer winds, ripening into dark brown pods that dance in the branches all winter. If one drops before the first snowfall it becomes an amulet to guard against judgment of others.

Materials: Argentium sterling silver

Dimensions (all sizes approximate):
3.5 in. (length) x 1 in. (width)

Please allow 7-10 business days for production as each piece is handmade to order.

All works of Art are signed, documented and copyrighted.