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Myrtus Leaf necklace

Robyn Nichols

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The Myrtus is a reminder of my birthplace along the Pacific Coast. These tall dramatic trees are transplants to California, native to Australia and Tasmania.

There is something nostalgic about the smooth blue-green, tan and brown leaf liter beneath the canopies of these shredding bark trunks. The arch of each fallen leaf overlap one another into more arches to create an inspiring design on the dusty ground.

Above, distinctive fluffy flowers and fruit capsules dance in the breezes. The aroma of the eucalyptus and the sea, sow the seeds of my early childhood. We were told collecting these leaves brought wealth and abundance, so we gathered them as if they were dollar bills, and put them in our purses. We traded them amongst each other as if they were indeed money and we were satisfied.

Materials: Argentium sterling silver

Dimensions (all sizes approximate):
5.5 in. (width) x 5.5 in. (length)

Please allow 7-10 business days for production as each piece is handmade to order.

All works of Art are signed, documented and copyrighted.