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Tendrils Torque with Pearls neck ring necklace

Robyn Nichols

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This necklace design was stimulated by the natural artistry found in my vegetable garden amongst the peas, squash, melons, cucumbers and pole beans. Each of these plants project coiling tendrils that twist, twine and spiral around almost anything that will give support for the life of its bearing season.

A torque is named for a rigid or at least stiff neck ring of metal traditionally open in the front. Examples of these neck rings date back to the 8th century BC to the 3rd century AD.

The Tendril Torque Nick Ring can be worn in many directions around the neck (front, backwards or sideways) depending on your desired style of adornment, making it a very versatile design for your wardrobe.

See the Tendrils Pearl Necklace laced through the Torque neck ring for an additional dramatic look. Or, wear them separately for two different unique styles.

Materials: Argentium sterling silver

Dimensions (all sizes approximate):
6 in. (length) x 6 in. (width)

Please allow 7-10 business days for production as each piece is handmade to order.

All works of Art are signed, documented and copyrighted.